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We are Radius professionals


Unparalleled DHCP Authentication

Custom Solutions

We will build to your specifications.

Enterprise level authentication support

With the DirectlinkAdmin Network Management system you will have various types of authentication at your fingertips! DirectlinkAdmin not only offer DHCP authentication but also Radius VLAN authentication, not to mention custom authentication and support on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to all of our authentication methods, we also offer detailed network statistics such as pings and SNMP to monitor your customers. All this information is easily accessible through the simple user interface available only with DirectlinkAdmin!


The DirectlinkAdmin Way

Radius Authentication

Activate or deactivate your Radius Customers with Radius Authentication

DHCP Authentication

Activate or deactivate your DHCP customers with DHCP Authentication

Custom Authentication

Have a unique authentication style? We've got you covered.

Subscription Management

No need to manually disconnect users when employing our Subscription Management feature

Network and Diagnostic Information

Real-time customer information using the latest network protocols like ICMP and SNMP

Full Customer Management

Manage all aspects of your customers in one spot!