Service Ticket Solutions
Make your jobs efficient and effective.

Service Tickets

Easily keep track of all
customer requests and inquiries
in one convenient place

Time Blocks

Professionally see where customers
and employees are going to be
and when they will be there

Priority Levels

Always be sure the
most important situations
get handled first

Level The Playing Field Of Customer Solutions

The DirectlinkAdmin Service Ticket System is perfect for organizing your business and employees. With service tickets you can easily assign tasks to specific employees by time and date so there's no guess work when it comes to satisfying your customers.

Best of all, the service ticket system is integrated with Google Maps which makes it easier than ever to conveniently keep track of all your customers and employees. With priority levels for every task, you'll take comfort in knowing the tasks most important to YOU get taken care of first.

Get organized and effective now.

With the DirectlinkAdmin Service Ticket system you can add events for your employees on a case-by-case basis. Ever wonder exactly where one of your technicians are at a given time? With the Service Ticket System your technicians have the ability to "check-in" with their current location which makes every employee accountable and time management even more convenient.

One of the best features of the Service Ticket System is the ability to integrate your Time Blocks with Google Calendar. This means you're able to use built-in calendars that keep track of every employee on a calendar by week, day and month. Technicians also have access to their own calendars which saves YOU time and money on organization.

What DirectlinkAdmin Service Tickets Will Do To Help You:

  1. Ability to add tasks and events to specific employees
  2. Full Google Maps and Google Calendar integration
  3. Ability to keep track of technicians with "check-in"
  4. Priority levels to manage important tasks first