DirectlinkAdmin Management Systems


Everything you could ask for and even more.

Device Integration

Assign your network devices to a specific area.

Address Management

Set location information with ease.

IP Address Management

Connect your users to Areas by your IP Schema

What is the DirectLink

Admin System?

DirectlinkAdmin (DL Admin) is a complete business management system that enables internet service providers to control virtually every aspect of their business from one place. By being highly dynamic, DL Admin allows for customized integration and remote access to a valuable all-in-one resource for any size of business, large and small.

Service Ticket System

Complete service ticket system with assignments, calendars and check-ins.

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Inventory Management

Complete inventory management system including purchases, orders, contacts and transfers

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Network & Customer Management


Fully manage your network no matter what type of internet service you provide. Whether it's docis, ethernet, fiber, DSL or fixed wireless, DirectlinkAdmin offers a way to manage it using the latest technologies and systems.

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MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units)

Finally a system that caters to MDU properties! We specialize in MDU/MTU environments so we understand the complexity of the network, customers and system. The DirectlinkAdmin has been designed with MDU/MTU complexes in mind. With the ability to set customization based on specific properties, managing your MDU/MTU environment becomes a piece of cake!

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Billing and Invoicing

Receiving payments should be the last thing you're worried about. DirectlinkAdmin is designed to make receiving payments, upgrading customers, disconnections and managing past due customers a breeze. With anniversary billing and variable grace period options available, you can run your accounts how you want, not how your software demands.

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Affordable New Solution


As an internet service provider we know there are only a few robust, affordable solutions available for WISPA members. That is why we are proud to announce a new solution called DirectlinkAdmin. Our ISP management solution is built by people who understand your business and use the software to manage their own hybrid network and business. And if our competitor's claim affordability, you will find our product is both affordable and robust.

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Automation, Provisioning


The DirectlinkAdmin system provides integration into many popular payment gateways such as, PayJunction, PayPal and any other gateway system with an API integration. This allows a full payment system without the hassle of moving to a new platform.

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Cable Modem


Manage customers' cable modems with ease

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Customer Management

Complete customer relationship management system

Integrate payments with popular payment APIs

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Design Towards Your Business


Our mobile first approach allows us to build scalable sites that work on any device you have. This means your technicians and customers can log into the system from their phone, tablet and desktop and have an optimized view of the system. We also offer a customized look and feel that is geared towards your company's brand. Our customer based theme approach allows the DirectlinkAdmin system to integrate with the look and feel of your company, giving a professional custom touch rivaling the big name ISPs.

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Help Desk/Inventory System


Our solution would not be complete without the ability to fully manage your business, your employees and your customers. Our inventory system allows you to create purchase orders, transfer items and fully track your inventory as it moves through your business to the customer. Our help desk ticket helps you and your technicians keep track of hectic schedules by providing an easy to use help desk solution. Our contract system makes sure you logistically keep the proper documents on file for your customer agreed terms.

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Internet Service


Manage customer connections with ease

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Not Just a One-Size-Fits-All


The DirectlinkAdmin system is completely modular-based, which allows our customers to pay just for the services they use, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution. This saves you both time and money. We can also develop custom solutions for customers who don't currently mesh with our model. Have current developers? We offer API services which allow your developers or third parties to integrate with our system.

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