DirectlinkAdmin ISP Management

Manage your network and customers with ease.


Professional Zabbix consulting.

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Ryu Series Power and Battery Enclosures

Turn key and shipped directly to you.

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DirectlinkAdmin are experts in network management and internet service provider solutions. We provide Consulting, Zabbix Integration, and our own custom DirectlinkAdmin ISP solution.

Battery Backup Enclosures

Turn-key battery backup and redundant power solutions.

DirectlinkAdmin System

DirectlinkAdmin system is a complete ISP solution to manage your customers efficiently and effectively.

Zabbix Consulting

Professional Zabbix consulting from verified experts.

Professional Consulting

Get in touch with us for your networking and consulting needs.

DirectlinkAdmin Management System

Take the hassle out of managing your customer and network with our custom ISP solution..

Professional Zabbix Consulting

We are complete experts in everything Zabbix. We can setup, deploy, customize, manager Zabbix with ease. We know Zabbix like the back of our hand.

Ryu Series Power and Battery Backup Enclosures

sDirectlinkAdmin's industrial power solutions provide operators with turn-key battery backup and redundant power solutions that are shipped to you, pre-configured and ready for site deployment. Check out our brochure.